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same thing as pendejo but in a feminine way ... spanish for moron, idiot ect
Man those preps are some pendejas
by Mz.DeLaCruz August 30, 2003
A Spanish slang term meaning 'dumbass' or 'asshole' basically, its describing Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and even Justin Bieber. ;)
Person 1: Oye, its Miley Cyrus!

Person 2: You mean that stupid pendeja on Hannah Montana? Gross!
#pendeja #bitch #asshole #spanish slang #cochina
by LilDulce101 November 10, 2010
Mujer joven idiota que no sabe lo que quiere
Esta pendeja me tiene las bolas llenas, no sabe lo que quiere.
#mujer #pendeja #pendejo #mina #muchacha
by Eliberta October 22, 2013
a women that wount listen to you
Ronald:hey sweaty come over here
Ronald:Vienes o te pongo unos putasos pendeja
Jeny: Okay que quieres
#babosa #estupida #tonta #loca #hey
by Chato August 16, 2006
An ass in the spanish language.
"Besa mi pendeja,puta,"
by Catalina February 05, 2005
pubic hair either from a man or a woman. Pelos de Cola.
"you can see her pendejas through her panties."
"why don't you shave your pendejas?"
"I found a pendeja in my sheets."
#pendejo #cola #pelos #pepa #pubic
by casasruby May 27, 2006
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