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When something or someone excites you, you have been put in the pocket. See Tabi Bonney.
Yo that girl looks fine, she put me in the pocket.
by ThugDoubt October 15, 2006
originally created by Tabi Bonney, a washington dc area hip hop artist. "Put me in the pocket.. thats when somebody excites you, know what im sayin, you see a girl thats tight or somethin.. she put you in the pocket", Tabi. So when you see somethin you like, it puts you in the pocket..
That song is crazy, it put me in the pocket.
by Justin Kyle October 25, 2007
means sice me hook me up wit sumthin

or if a gurl look good she can put u in da pocket meaning she given u her numba
son let me got a dolla of u. come on put me in the pocket
by Rexrian October 17, 2006

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