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When something or someone excites you, you have been put in the pocket. See Tabi Bonney.
Yo that girl looks fine, she put me in the pocket.
by ThugDoubt October 15, 2006
The act of ballin whilst strapped for cash.
Yo mang until the first I be ballin' on a budget, ya heard?

Man fuck the nigga, he ballin' on a budget, shit his chain made of plastic.
by ThugDoubt March 24, 2004
A member of the $kullcracka$.
Yo did you hear dat new $kullcracka$ track? ThugDoubt really ripped that shit apart.
by ThugDoubt March 24, 2004
Burlington, Vermont. Number one city for living in the US, consecutively.
Yo them b-town bitches is scandalous!
by ThugDoubt May 26, 2004
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