Puss in Boots refers to the girls that can be seen at clubs & festivals wearing the now popular cowboy boots with short skirts
Man my neck hurts!!!


There was puss in boots running around everywhere at the Big State Festival
by BadAss T-Rizzle November 26, 2007
Top Definition
n., singular: hot chick wearing boots

n., plural: a grouping or gathering of hot chicks wearing boots
"Oh man, tonight's the night. This club is full of puss in boots, bro. We're gonna get some ass fo' sure."
by CaptainZlogg July 24, 2009
He's not just cute. He's possible the greatest character in an animated movie. Ever.
I am Puss...in boots! Fear me *hiss*
by PumpkinJack November 11, 2004
the new character in the movie Shrek 2. He was like a Zorro kind of character and a cute little kitty cat. :)
Puss in Boots was first hired to get rid of Shrek in the movie but turned out to be friends.
by Stacy June 29, 2004
A female in the United States Army, Navy, or Marines, or Airforce.
Did you see that chick in camo? She's a regular Puss In Boots!
by Margaux March 15, 2006
A female soldier (Army usage circa 1980s).

See also: Foxtrot Papa
"My sister Puss in Boots 'n they threatin' to send her ass to Iraq."

"Say what?"

"She-it, niggah. She a supply sergeant in the Army, you dumb muthafuckah!"
by Tummy AuGratin February 25, 2006
When you punt a bitch in the puss with your boots.
Yun: Oy mate, that lil bitch Sam is talking smack about me behind me back again mate.
Snow: Aw shit for real fam? I'll get right up in the little ching chong Chinese ping pong ling long ting tong face and give her the ol' pussinboots for ya mate.
Yun: Ay good shit there mate.
by mrstillyodefinition March 22, 2016
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