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While driving , reach over and finger your girl. Then take your finger and hold it out the window for 30 seconds or until dry. With other hand start at the base of the finger, roll the discharge to the tip of the finger into a ball. Pop in your mouth and enjoy the snack.
Me and your sister was driving down to the beach and for a snack I ate her pushkins!
by Its Tonyfire May 29, 2009
A pushkin is another word for whore. It can also be used as any form of speech. To pushkin, a pushkin, etc. It can also be used as an exclamation. PUSHKIN! It can also be used as a substitute for swear words. Son of a pushkin, Having a pf, etc.
Ashley, your such a pushkin.

Yo guys why don't you pushkin on over here.

Hey, did you remember your car keys? PUSHKIN! I gotta go back to the house and get them.

Back away she's gonna have a pushkin!
by Numero Pushkino November 12, 2007
A girl whose got your back, yet not afraid to take you on. She is comfortable with the word "no" and knows how to use it. Strong mind, soul, and spirit. Know's what is important in life. Beautiful.

Pushkin's can also be characterized by a horse like trott, a laugh only a mother could love, a sunshine smile and a stellar sense of humor.
Dude, that cetainly was not 10,000 angels singing and that walk does not belong on a runway...but that chick was dope. Who is she?

Fool, that's my pushkin!
by n (othing) May 06, 2009
One lacking balls, self-confidence, or pride; One who is constently picked on, but never stands up for ones self.
Man i just Slapped emimem But, Hes such a pushkin, all he did was stand there!
by Walking one man genocide March 23, 2009
A Kurdish slang term for "cat" or "kitten."
My wife's Pushkin just had more Pushkins. Do you want to take any of them?
by Havel Knight March 05, 2016

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