driving, operating a vehicle.
Cuz I wanna be on 106 and Park pushin a Benz
by Keith Traweek March 16, 2005
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Sellin narcotics(weed,coke,x,pcp, all dat shiitt)
yo kid, ever since i started pushin i got madd doe.
by PiNkY April 11, 2004
Selling lots of Drugs.
You started Slangin?
-Nah fool, I'm pushin'.
by theo March 08, 2004
To drive a car, usually in reference to a nice car, or whip.
Yeah man, I've been pushin this whip all day.
by SuspectZer0 February 01, 2005
Drivin a vehicle, a.k.a. a ride or whip.
"Wanna be at 106 and Park pushin a Benz"
by JaayDub April 25, 2007
Understeer, as related to a vehicle. Vehicle wants to keep going straight instead of turning.
I couldn't hang down low in turn one, 'cause it was pushin' so bad.
by Little Johnny June 16, 2004
To skateboard. Reffering to what a skateboarder has to do to get speed to ride a skateboard.
I'm straight pushin my wood to the liqour store today.

Yo are we pushin today?

by Wyantson March 28, 2008

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