A term used to refer to the bras that have padded inserts to give the look that a chick has a larger cleavage than she really does.
"Her push up bra does wonders for that flat chested freak."
by Vicious Riot June 24, 2003
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1. A test of physical ability, involving raising one's body off the ground with one's forearms.
2. Short for "push-up Brassiere," a kind of breast support device that pads and lifts the breasts to enhance their appearance and the appearance of the relevent cleavage.
1. "I did 800 push ups, thus making me the buffest man in the world."
2. "Not only did her breasts get bigger when she started on birth control, but she started wearing push ups so now shes's got one helluva rack."
by Khyronin September 26, 2003
What you do when you are on top of a woman. A very relaxing excercise indeed.
I did some pushups on Suzanne and she enjoyed the workout too.
by urban pervert August 21, 2003
A type of ice cream in a cylindrical cone that involves the pushing up of a plunger to release the food.
The ice cream truck had popsicles and push ups.
by supaflyyoc October 31, 2004
Approaching a woman on the dance floor without speaking a word, just getting straight into an intimate dance. Saves time on foreplay when you take her home.
Shorty was pushing up hard on me, we were grindin all night.
by J.Bizzle February 06, 2004
An attempt by a male to get into a woman's pants.
Sup playa, mind if I push up on your old honey?
by []D[][]\/[][]D June 20, 2003
The act of raising oneself off of the ground using your arms, or a variation can be using your cock.
Cock pushups? Its where you lay on the ground, and let your boner lift you up...
by shadow9987 August 19, 2003
Crap into an empty toilet paper roll. Plug one end with toilet paper. Stategically place crap-filled roll between toilet seat and front rim of the toilet bowl. When the next victim sits on the seat (pants around ankles) the loaded roll gets squeezed and the shit squirts out into the victims pants.
Man, I had to clean out my pants in the bathroom 'cause someone gave me a push up.
by Gene Picket April 02, 2006

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