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noun, sounds like lush, or crush. pusch.

1) Native American word for penis.

2) Also used as a curse word.
1) He has one big pusch. I heard it was so big, you could make two pusch's out of it.

Marcy got drunk and started rubbing Buck's pusch.

2) Instead of saying 'Oh fuck!' Say...'Oh pusch!'.

Try calling someone a 'pusch head' instead of a 'dick head.
by Dafairygodfaduh October 05, 2005
pronounced like: to push

German: puschen => take a piss
German: Puscher => 1. penis 2. dickhead
taking the dog for a pusch
German: in die Hose puschen => wet ones pants
by mini_me_two April 26, 2012
noun(short "u" sound)Slang for penis. Well-known to Native Americans.
He's sitting in the corner pulling his pusch.
by Tina St.Claire August 27, 2007
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