Female reproductive organ
"Yo girl, that pus be stankin!"
by Angelo September 09, 2003
short for pussy
stop being a pus and light the fuse
by ozslang August 23, 2003
this is for any time that a girl feels unsafe and has to announce it to a friend but does not want to bring a lot of attention to her self when in a large group of people

PUS is short for Pussy Un Safe

also when a girl is talking with some people and one guy gives her creepy shivers down her body this is a sign that your body is giving you alerting PUS that your pussy is in some danger cuz this creep is giving you the chills
dude lets bounce this guy is giving me the PUS shivers

hey girl i am feeling alittle PUS right now in this dark ally like some one might be stalking us

this guy has got PUS written all over him
by LIL Bay Area Mama April 16, 2006

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