"Parental Units". Can be used on chat rooms so as not to be blatantly obvious.
Ianthe: You going to that party?
Carrie: I can't... my PUs nixed it.
Ianthe: Damn.
by The Game: you lost it. August 10, 2009
A word used to describe mayonnaise by people who don't like it and say it reminds them of pus, especially when warm.
1. "I'd rather eat a pus sandwich".
2. Ewwww, I can't eat mayonnaise, it reminds me of pus.
by high pockets July 21, 2009
gross crap
I cut open a worm and pus came out
by Mr_Chuckles July 31, 2003
In tampa it is used as a term of endearment between black girls
What's up pus, what you doing Friday night???
by Ms. 813 January 04, 2008
Another way of saying pussy
Brady: did you bone that broad last night
Me: no way man that slop tarts pus smelled like a sour taco pizza
by Fourteen January 31, 2006
any gloop* (usually liquid adhesive) in a cartridge, used in construction.
*see pus.
"Hand me the pus gun, John"
by bazza January 22, 2005
Adjective meaning crap, bad, shoddy, awful.
That movie was pus.
The guy who built my fence did a pus job.
Your idea is pus.
by Mark Mac Namara October 24, 2004

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