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also."making purple"

Guys (blue) + girls (pink) = purple

Any form of PDA between a guy and a chick. Includes holding hands, touching, kissing, flirting, staying in the same room...
"I did some purpling at Snake Road."
"Damn, she went purpling."
"Let's go purpling this weekend."
by purplepr0n April 13, 2005
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The intermingling of the sexes (males blue with females pink makes purple) in one of the following activities, depending on context:
1. innocent conversation
2. sex
Last night I purpled with some hot chicks. It was purple-tastic!
by kccrocks April 12, 2005
When 2 people break all the rules at a catholic conference. When the attraction between 2 catholics is to strong to contain they must kiss eachother.
John and Theresa were alone and wanted to go Purpling.

Theresa and John should've went purpling in Indianna
by NCYC Lover November 20, 2011
When a guy and girl get together.
Sandy: Where is Johnny?
Bill: Oh Johnny and April are back in the bedroom purpling
by Allie1213 November 09, 2007
The mixing of boys and girls, such as when on a school or church trip with regards to rooms, talks, etc.
On our school band trip, the teacher told us not to go into the room of the opposite sex, but we were still purpling anyway, because they didn't care, and they we our friends.
by starocks June 09, 2009
a mix of blue and red(boys and girl)
to be purple is to be a transvestite
ME: your purpling right now!
by atina March 15, 2008

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