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wen i put mi penus n2 anuter seksi dooidz ass, he SQUEEZEZ REEL HRAD onut adn it coms ot lookin pruple. mmm,,, i wsih dante wud giv me a pruple turdotl. ^_^
kill me plz.
by xenomorph June 06, 2004
to squeeze the penis till it turns purple, then pull your fist outward as if a turtle head going into the shell.
Tom is gonna go home and make his purple turtle puke.
by TreR March 27, 2003
When you have to go to take a shit so badly that you choke the turtle on its way out - making it purple.
John: Code brown.
Sally: Do you really have to go that bad?
John: Damn right, I've got a purple turtle.
by JandN August 28, 2009
Squeezing the penis in a vagina so hard it turns purple.
Dee gave Dustin a purple turtle, so he thanked her and gave her a buck.
by Dick Ma May 23, 2003
is when your balls are so shrivalled and hard like the shell of a turtle (if white) and go a light purple colour
when u get un changed and its cold and your balls are hard and look like the shell of a turtle = purple turtle
by psychobabble the mc September 12, 2009