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Ikaruga is one of the best arcade shooters of all time. It was an arcade game at a time, then it was re-released on the DC with better graphics and such, and now its on the GC with even more features. Ikaruga goes to show you that arcade shooters still have a placei n the current gaming world. The gameplay, concept, graphics, action.... All kick ass.
Its too bad biased dickheads like Sony Roolz cant respect what a great game Ikaruga is.
by Xenomorph May 25, 2004
me 2 sony rols!!!!

i cannot wifstand teh awsum power of SONY cos i anm stupidfuckatarededfaggert an also bone sheep.
lets us buttslam cos i ar gaier than u
by xenomorph June 08, 2004
where daddy pumps
pumping mianus
by xenomorph June 08, 2004
wen i put mi penus n2 anuter seksi dooidz ass, he SQUEEZEZ REEL HRAD onut adn it coms ot lookin pruple. mmm,,, i wsih dante wud giv me a pruple turdotl. ^_^
kill me plz.
by xenomorph June 06, 2004
You know sony roolz, scumbagsl ike you make me want to hate Sony Roolz.
sony roolz:WTF U LIK XCOX ADN GAYXCUB?!?!? LOLOLOL!!!!11 ur stoopd faggetard.

Intelligent person: Wow, are oyu that much of a close-minded fanboy that you post all this stupid shit about other consoles?

sony roolz: I AM RITE ADN U RONG. U SUK DIK!!!!!!!1

Itelligent person: why am I wasting my time arguing with this piece of shit?
by Xenomorph May 23, 2004
A social group of lefties who claim to be intelligent because they bitch about religion, current governments, oil, iraq and anything else while not contributing any ideas to solve these 'problems' other than total elimination and turning the human race into mindless drones. Usually a feminist or hit by thier girlfriend, which they call 'dominant female life partner'
Mesa called jar jar binks. Oh yea, free finkers do not like movies, but fully support ridiculous litigation.
by xenomorph June 06, 2004

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