Mix Robitussion AC with an equal amount of ginger ale and drink. The effect are sedation and euphoria (happiness). You can OD on cough syrup!

"...sippin purple drank in the turnin lane..."
"...thats why i got a purple sprite and y'all aint...."
by whiteben July 13, 2006
That drank that such notorious rappers such as mike jones, slim thug, Smokedham, and 36 mafia and all those Gz from H-Town drink (Houston.)

Ingrediants are:

4 oz. cough syrup w/codeine
4 oz. rum, vodka, any hard alcohol
1 jolly rancher
purple drank purple drank all us H-town playaz do is sip that purple drank
by PicklishBastard November 14, 2005
All yall niggas is wrong nah mean. Purple Drank is that shit you buy at the local corna sto for 25 cents. They come in that little plastic bottle with the aluminum foil on top. Now-a-days they got that Purple Drank by the gallons in the grocery store
"Ay yall what can I get fo a fifty cents?"
"Get that purple drank and a 25 cent bag of cheetos."
by DeAndre Nigga, look me up December 13, 2005
promethazine and codeine(purple flavor) mixed with sprite or any other lemon-lime soda...100X better than alcohol..Alcohol makes you angry..Purple Drank makes you happy..

Other names for it include..sizzurp, lean and Texas Tea

It is tradionally drinked out of white Styrofoam cups..drinking too much may cause dizziness and eventually seizures..Lil Wayne has said that he experiences seizures from it but doesn't wanna quit..cuz it's so damn good !!!

Some ppl even dip blunts/joints in purple drank to make them feel even more high

Jolly ranches and some sour skittles enhance da flavor !!!!
Mark: "Aye, why are you so happy??"

Jim:"Man, I just had some of dat Purple Drank"

Mark:"Oh, pour some in my cup dog"
by AlexSizzurp August 13, 2014

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