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Invented by Gypsy's in the 18th century in a monastery just south of the Mason-Dixon line in a town called Moorsville. This intricately intertwined mixture of both alcohol and drugs made people in the late 1700's see colors never before seen; i.e. "purple."

So, it's blend is as follows (per 12 oz)

*2-4 oz of Promethazine Cough Syrup

*4 OZ Goose Vodka

*2 OZ Sprite

*2 OZ Grape KoolAid

*3 crushed up 1000mg Vicodin Pills

*2 smashed up grape Jolly Ranchers

All ingredients are to be mixed up into a double-cupped all white Styrofoam cup.
Lil Weezy F Baby (The F stands for FEMA) is often seen sippin that purpdrank...

gettin crunk on prunk...
by spocomptonwarriors June 29, 2010