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A combination of preppy and punk. The best of both worlds. Mainly applies to kids who want to be punks, but can't conceal their inner preppiness.
Jenna is a prunk!

Youuuuu're mom's a prunk!!

Avril is prunk'd out.
by JZ February 15, 2005
38 26
A mix between the words prince and hunk. The ultimate word to describe the perfect guy with wavy hair and the perfect smile, and a cool, laid-back walk.
Look at that guy, his hair is just perfect, and omg, the way he walks, such a prunk!
by helsingborgstjejen95 March 13, 2013
13 3
To be preppy and punk
Dude have you seen her style? It's Prunk!!!!!!!!!!
Some skulls and hearts...totally insane!
by Avybaby August 30, 2007
11 9
To become pregnant after a night of drunken sex.
"Julia totally missed her period. She must be prunk from that party last month."
by TheRealPrancer August 20, 2008
8 7
Prunk is an act of getting drunk after only drinking "female" or "fruity" alcohol. You refer to one being prunk because they were unable to drink hard liquor.

See also: Puzzed
Person 1: I am so drunk!
Person 2: What are you drinking?
Person 1: Sangrea!
Person 2: No, you're prunk...
by intelligent-thinker July 03, 2012
1 1
1. Prick ass punk
Stop being a fucking prunk!
by arrowheadwater February 03, 2011
2 2
Pretend drunk
'Mate your annoying me now'


'Your f*cking Prunk!'
by TheIron September 10, 2011
0 1