Something that is for drinking water, not people.
Purity is for drinking water, not people.
by sex_is_great November 01, 2007
Top Definition
Purity is about being something, abstinence is about not doing something.
God calls us to be Pure and Holy.

Abstinence is about not doing something, its an action however, Purity is about being something, and it is a blessing.
by Livin4GodAlone February 19, 2007
expert historian of the manly man's game; sometimes termed the "herodotus of quakeworld."
when HT or Link argue about whether something occurred in qw, purity is the man to whom all questions can be referred.
by j0n November 23, 2003
To be Pure, or to pull a Purity mean that you have embarked on a mission or quest, so to speak, that is inclreadbly stupid and/or a death wish but you pull it off anyway.
OMG that guy just pulled a Purity

So did you hear about that guy who was heaps pure?

No one else could have done that, but Midaz did it, becasue hes so pure.
by Midaz/Purity June 02, 2005

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