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fuck knows. possibly a variant of the japanese climbing lemur... but probably not. it's a verb, we think. hmmm... purgle.
purgle? really? what the fuck does that even mean?!
by megisfat April 02, 2010
Small, fluffy, purple creature with yellow feelers. Possibly imaginary. Quite vicious.
I don't want to move in there; it's infested with purgles!
by Patrako June 16, 2011
v. when you purr and gurgle at the same time. usually takes many months of practice and skill to achieve this sound. very calming to hear.
"Nicole purgles when amused or excited."

"Stop purgling; you'll wake the neighbors."
by lil ducklin July 07, 2009
A pee fart. Similar to a queef, but involving more liquid. Nearly exclusive to females.
I hope I didn't scare the girl in the next stall with my gnarly purgle.
by june83xkcd June 05, 2014
When your vaginal inners fall out.
That woman giving birth to that 7lb baby is going to purgle!
by marky-boi August 05, 2009