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A character from The Addams Family. Usually refers to a grim and scary woman.
- That goth scares me big time.
- Yeah, she's a real Morticia...
by Adanedhel May 11, 2005
n- kinky vampire chick whos fetish is bloody chocolate and enjoys eating lesbians alive.
Morticia loves to lick bloody chocolate off of lesibans.
by maddie collins January 26, 2007
A band started buy my best freind hahsim and his best freinds they are excidingly good as dey are da only band in middl east and in asia taht are...........good ne how they rock and will kik ass evry1 ass even my ass yahooo! is gonna rock!
cummin on u soon ..actually open ur mouth
by ur mothers name January 10, 2005
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