this thing is a mix between a pupe and an oid (whatever the fuck they are)

not much is known about it however we do know it plays sniper and soldier in team fortress 2 and that it sucks hard at both of them.

once, it got angry and ragequitted it's tf2 clan (symbolism or something) and decided it was still a nerd and wanted to play tf2, but he didn't want the other nerd fags to know, so it changed his name and joined a very handsome fase, who let it in, despite it being very ugly. however it would soon be uncovered as a fraud by the rest of the worldular community by some sort of disgusting cereal in that symbolosim clan. he promptly casted 'wall o text' on the worldular community (otherwise known as oozfortress) and many people were either pissed (eg no-one), didn't care (eg everyone) or were very concerned (eg spitfire). one gibbo has expressed his homosexual tendencies and said that pupeoid is a 'friendly and helpful guy, and a great sniper'

he does meth.

after much discussion (about 4 hrs as of this moment) it was decided that he should ritually kill himself.
that pupeoid is awfully shit as sniper and soldier, shit, terrible aim, PREAIM.

if i were as much of a shit cunt as pupeoid then i'd kill myself.

pupeoid is shit at sniper. pupeoid is notverygood.
by better than pupeoid August 25, 2008
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