plural form of punk usually refering to casualties fans or fans of pop/"punk" such as avril, or many other pop/alternative groups
i dunno.. well it also means not as good as emo
by treedon February 12, 2005
Top Definition
Plural for "Punks", but implying a tightly-knit crew. Used on the west coast alot. See also Skunx.
"The punx and skins drank all night without fighting" or
"The punx came to my party and trashed the bathroom".
by Mysticalkey October 16, 2005
the plural for more than one punk.
Up The Punx.
by George March 01, 2004
Punx are a group of punk rockers who are hardcore and know what punk or the punk subculture is all about. Punx are not posers and usually will not call themselves punx but use the term punk rocker. Punker is a word derived from mtv and is the common use of posers. Fashion has nothin to do with what a punk is. you can be a blue collar and be a in a group of punx. There is no requirment of what you must wear.
Punx at the punk rock show.
by michaelvenema May 20, 2008
bad ass mother fuckers you don't want to mess with
the punx stabbed that kid in the alley
by kill all the posers August 30, 2009
there are alot of wrong definitions on here, so I thought I'd add my say. punx is NOT a word for posers, not even a word for all real punks. "punx" is a fashion show, but to be punx you can't just dress it, it comes from dressing punx AFTER you're already punk. Bands like My Chemical Romance, Green Day, AFI, and Blink 182 aren't good, aren't punk, and are definetly NOT punx. A punx kid will usually have combat boots/creepers, skin tight jeans/bondage pants, a band shirt, leather/denim studded jacket with their favorite bands on it, and crazy hair like mohawks, liberty spikes and things of that nature. Punx bands include The Defects, The Virus, The Casualties, A Global Threat and Clit 45. But in recent years Clit 45 has been changing alot of the style, if you're punk, you'd know what I mean.
SPIKEY HAIRED DRUNK PUNX. - For The Punx by the Casualties
by DESTROI February 19, 2008
1. A term used by those considering themselves punk, to show that they are too hardXcore for spelling.

2. A sarcastic term for those who know little to nothing about the actual punk movement, and like to shit themselves in bars.
Person One: Wooooo! GREEN DAY UP THE PUNX!

Person Two: Well, look at the punx kiddie.
by Ninefourtytwo October 25, 2006

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