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there are alot of wrong definitions on here, so I thought I'd add my say. punx is NOT a word for posers, not even a word for all real punks. "punx" is a fashion show, but to be punx you can't just dress it, it comes from dressing punx AFTER you're already punk. Bands like My Chemical Romance, Green Day, AFI, and Blink 182 aren't good, aren't punk, and are definetly NOT punx. A punx kid will usually have combat boots/creepers, skin tight jeans/bondage pants, a band shirt, leather/denim studded jacket with their favorite bands on it, and crazy hair like mohawks, liberty spikes and things of that nature. Punx bands include The Defects, The Virus, The Casualties, A Global Threat and Clit 45. But in recent years Clit 45 has been changing alot of the style, if you're punk, you'd know what I mean.
SPIKEY HAIRED DRUNK PUNX. - For The Punx by the Casualties
by DESTROI February 19, 2008

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