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1. sound upside down.
2. an exclaimation.
3. the 1000th element on the periodic table.
4. a verb, apply the word 'punos' to the forehead of the victim.
1. "punos"
2. "punos!"
3. "i need 100 ml of punos"
4. "HA! we punosed mike"
by KevinBudd March 30, 2006
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a pimp; a highly respected friend(usually a male) for being a ladies man. usually used as a greeting in a group of preppy males.
Eh Puno! What's up? Wanna go pump some iron?
by jaxon_nk March 28, 2008
an adult only uno game on xbox live
Dude that girl showed her pun in a game of puno.
Hey kids lets play strip uno.
by Daisy Adair February 22, 2008
Semi-Indian slang word for the penis
Hey you puno!!!... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
by And You Know This... Man!!!! March 06, 2007
Hella outta pocket and annoying. No one really likes someone that's punos, they ought to be avoided at all costs.
1. "I just saw Eric yesterday"
"Damn, that bitch is hella punos, shit!"

2. "You are so punos, you just got voted off the mountain. BYE"
by EricisPUNOS June 28, 2010
the light-tail emitted from glow sticks.
beautiful ecstatic punos tingle and ricochet off meandering wet blue squirrels that sizzle in the red summer morning of light.
by milo&ali May 09, 2009
1.) sound... only ...upside down and backwards. ....Blew your mind didn't it... yeah it did.. you know it did.. deny it I dare you. Liars. I hate liars. Jerk.

2.) The ANTI-Sound (less awesome silence) (As Satan is to Jesus -not your gardener- Punos is to sound)

3.) Substitute for the word "kudos" (cuz it's better)
"Wow dude! that was awesome! Punos."
by Capetastic_Dick March 15, 2010

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