allowing to let yourself be walked on to avoid confrontation.
I dont say anything because all it will do is start a fight. thats being punked!
by rod man January 30, 2008
What Ashton Kutcher says that makes all the hilarious pranks he pulls on celebrities suddenly okay.
Police Officer: Ma'am you will have to work the rest of your life to pay off these fines.
Aston Kutcher: Haha you've just been punked!
Famous Celeb: Oh.. haha thats a good one.
by Rikkkkkkkki April 11, 2009
To be robbed by someone you trusted too much.
Mike punked me.
by Angela Lines December 16, 2003
when you get robbed
i punked your chain
by P.I.M.P July 25, 2003
to get "fucked" whether being stolen from or sexed.
i punked you all night long
by JDOGG June 02, 2004
I think it also means, getting beaten to the punch or getting scooped. (someone gets there first)
I was working on this big newspaper exposé but I got punked by another newspaper.
by alex123 May 12, 2005
when you hook up with a guy and he doesn't call you ever again
I went out with him, but he punked me.
by sarah dauer October 14, 2002

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