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A punk rocker whose punkness puts them above and beyond the standard for being punk. Gratuitous spikes, studs, multiple buttflaps/front flaps (aprons). Permanently charged mohawk. Well practiced sneer.
I went to that show, but just got beat up in the pit by a bunch of punk punks.
by fergutron November 03, 2008
a light but firm slap, usually with the back of the hand, to a male's genital region. a friendly smack in the balls.
every time that guy walks up and says hello, it's accompanied by a soul tap. its come to the point that i guard my crotch whenever he gets within four feet
by fergutron December 20, 2010
1.) to engage in sexual relations.

2.) to engage in cocaine.

i would have come to your party, but me and this girl were watching movies and decided to get awesome...you know....


"what happened to you last night?"

"i ended up running into this guy and got awesome at the party, i didn't sleep til the next afternoon"
by fergutron November 03, 2008

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