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Not giving a fuck...

Not giving a fuck if you are punk or not.

Not fucking caring what other people think.

Not giving a damn if you look punk or not.

Knowing that punk is an attitude...
not how you dress or do your hair,
not what kind of music you listen to,
not who you hang out with,
not how much you drink,
not what kind of drugs you do,
not if you sleep on the street or eat out of dumpsters,
not how many tattoos or piercings you have,
That one girl didn't care that she was still in her work slacks and blouse, she still went to the Murder Junkies show not caring what kind of weird looks she got... that was punk as fuck, I think it made her more punk than the people who spent an hour putting up their hawks and chaos spikes.

by Sarah Lambert March 06, 2008
203 37
punk rock to the extreme; the highest level of hardcore.
Did you go to the A Global Threat show? It was punk as fuck.
by wa$abi May 28, 2005
129 64
Not Greenday. Not Good Charlotte. Not Blink 182. Not Billy Talent.
Actual Punk.
Spit, Leather, Tartan, Puke, Speed, Sweat & Beer.
Beth says: "Charlie Harper is Punk As Fuck!"
by CheapSex May 11, 2006
129 78
Used to desribe someone who is really into punk. Those who are Punk As Fuck tend to be nice people who are given a bad reputation because they tend to get into fights with chavs (although it's generally the chav that starts it).
Chav: "That guy is punk as fuck, let's get him before he take the piss out of us"
(The punk then beats up the chavs really easily)
by Punky Gavin June 21, 2006
120 70
Someone who is really good for nothing, has a bad attitude towards life, and gets wasted all the time. Yet, everyone loves them. I know I do.

Sid Vicious is punk as fuck
by Cyborg Pancake August 15, 2006
42 159