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Punk is a type of music.

Punk is a way of thinking.

Punk is a way of believing.

Punk is not what you wear.

Punk is not Blink-182. (Sorry, folks...)

Punk is not Sum 41!

Punk, is believing what you what to believe. Punk is going against the world. Punk is not caring who stares at you says "OH MY, WHAT AN AWFUL PERSON THAT MUST BE!". Punk is feeling what you want to feel, being who you want to be, punk is being somebody.

Punk is not what you see television! Or hear on the radio. Or read about in books or magazines! Punk is not about being like all the guys with mohawks and chelseas!


And it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, happy or sad, black or white, catholic or atheist. It doesn't matter if you live in a house, an apartment, a basement or on the street! PUNK ACCEPTS ANYBODY! ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY!
"Oh, I'm so punk, because, I just bought a Sex Pistols t-shirt!"= No.
by Bronx. September 09, 2007
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rock music staying true to the rebellious nature in the roots of rock and roll. anyone who thinks punk is dead is completely wrong, however the phrase "punk is not dead" is generic, overused, has been bedazzled and destroyed.

original core values of anarchy and atheism, punks are just people who desire rational human thought and a better world.

originally "punk" was coined by others as a slur, but was adapted the same way the N-word was adapted.

since its inception, as long as there is a will to resist the government or any group claiming to assert power over others, there will be punk bands.
homesick abortions, sex pistols, the unseen, the casualties, total chaos...PUNK NO DIE.
by badreligion1988 May 22, 2009
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is basically music wise..
being punk or punk rock is meaning living life your way with no care...not all punks wear Mohawks..
punk: im finding myself out in life without a care what people kid
fake punk: im soo punk rock with my mohawk!
by www.myspace.com/mcnetty12 April 16, 2009
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its an attitude standing up for yourself and what you believe in,and having integrity!!

music also comes into it!
sex pistols
stiff little fingers

by ..//...//../. April 14, 2009
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something or someone worthless or unimportant.
you're a fucking punk
by steelheader July 10, 2008
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Punk technically cannot be defined, for no one invented "punk"...it was a word associated with music and a certain type of clothing and attitude, but in the end can never be defined since no one created it or even knows what it really means. If you say you know what it means, you might just be following a stereotype, because we'll never know for sure what punk exactly is or was.
Music Associated with the word "Punk":
~Sex Pistols
~The Ramones
~Circle Jerk
~Jerry's Kids
~The Adicts
Clothing or Hair Associated with the word "Punk":
~Studded Clothing
~Band Tees
~Ripped Clothing
~Dyed Hair
~Shaved Off Hair
~Ridicuously Tight Clothing
Attitudes Associated with the word "Punk":
~Being a total @$$-hole
~Being High or Intoxicated out of your mind

****DISCLAIMER: This is based on the stereotype of what punk is
by OH ROCKY!!!!!!!!!!! July 10, 2008
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punk is something that was born around the 70s. any bands coming out since then, really arent punk. avril lavigne is not punk, less than jake is not punk, static thought is not punk. the real punks came up around the 70s. bands such as, social unrest, circle jerks, the exploited, the mutants, flipper, the clash and the ramones, are all real. some of these bands are still around, keeping it alive. any band, any person coming up now and calling themselves punk, are only trying to re-create something that can't be re-created. most of them dont even realize this. alot of people think that because the sex pistols came out around this time, they are punk. the truth is, they are posers. they might even be the first punk rock posers actually.(im not too sure because i wasnt born yet, and its highly possible that other people back then thought punk rock was "cool" and wanted to try it out). the sex pistols are probably the ones who set the trend for everybody. such as crazy hair(not mohawks, because that was a native american tribe i believe they were called the mohicans?) chains, torn up clothing, etc. also there are even people out there that go as far as fighting to prove themselves. these may get labeled as "gutter punks". they believe that you have to win a fistfight for everything. literally everything. such as your mohawk? your leather jacket? your white laces on your combat boots? i thought punk rock was supposed to be about no rules. call me a pussy because i prefer not to fight. but next time you pass judgment on another for this same reason, arent you a pussy because you're doing what you're told instead of living free?
#1.) "wow, sid is viciously cool because he has crazy hair. i wanna look like him!" this person is a poser.

#2.) "man, ive never seen another one like you. you're different but thats cool" allthough he'll probably tell you hes not a punk, he might be.

#3.) "so johnny, if i win this fight, i get my mohawk right?" win or lose the fight, this person wants a mohawk
by skeet86@sbcglobal.net May 24, 2008
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A term that is now misunderstood by most people. Others described it well, but in addition to them, punk is MADE, not bought.
People consider Green Day to be punk, even though Green Day is no where near true punk.
by u4ug54o3214ih53u4g5y434 December 01, 2007
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