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Noun (Slang) A part of, or specific area of, a larger town or a city characteristically populated by lower socio-economic class african-americans and usually a center for various illegal activity such as drug dealing, pandering and procurment of prostitution, strong-arm robbery, burglary, and assault & battery. Also usually containing dilapildated residential structures with junk and refuse visible in yard or commons areas.
Compare to ghetto
"Any resonably intelligent white man knows to stay outta Niggertown past sunset"
by ggilley June 14, 2005
Noun (slang) A male homosexual, often one in jail or prison and forced unwillingly (typically physically, or with threat of physical violence) to perform fellatio and/or to submit to the recieving role in anal sodomy. Sometimes physically small and/or young and often effeminate.

Verb (slang) The act of forcing, sometimes using physical violence or threat of physical violence, a male into performing homosexual acts, typically against his will and often in a institutionalized situation such as a jail, prison, or mental hospital.Compare to Turn Out
--(tenses) Punked, Punking, Punks
N. Hey Punk, how do you like your new cellmate, Billy Bob?

V. Billy Bob punked that new kid out the first night he was in his cell.
by ggilley June 16, 2005

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