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The act of "squirting" when a girl has an orgasm. Usually resulting in the furniture, wall, ceiling, face or houseplant getting doused in vaginal excretions.
"Dude, dude you rail that chick last night?"
"Ya bro, total punani tsunami! It was like south east asia in my bed.. circa 2004"
by Alan aka Q-aint October 09, 2007
Multiple definitions depending on usage in a sentence. Could be used for any of the following reasons:

1) A womans menstrual cycle.
2) When a guy has chicks all over him, he may be overwhelmed with options and experience this.
3) When someone is being a whiny cry baby.
4) When a woman gets very sexually excited.
1) Ugh. I just got my Punani Tsunami!
2) Dude...there was so much pussy, it was like a Punani Tsunami!
3) He was cryin like a lil biotch. Here come the tears! Damn Punani Tsunami!
4) He got me so turned on, it was like a Punani Tsunami!!
by RKJ November 26, 2013
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