Going to a gas station and pumping petrol so that you can get the keys to the bathroom to take a dump.
"Oh man, we've been on this road trip for ages! We're gonna have to pump and dump!"
by pump and dump April 05, 2015
If a new mother wants to drink, but is breastfeeding her baby, she can 'pump' the milk that has alcohol in it and 'dump' / get rid of it.
Sally: "I can't drink until baby John is weened"
Maggie "Come one girl, drink tonight and just pump and dump in the morning"
by YoMeg May 17, 2007
Similar to hump and dump, this means to hit it and quit it. If used properly, it's more humorous.
I would do her if it was a pump and dump.
by TehNinja January 20, 2010
As a verb:To defecate and urinate at the same time. Usually done in a hurry or with great urgency. A common military slang term used in reference to using the "facilities".

As a noun: The act of taking a shit and piss at the same time.
OK recruits! Five minute pump and dump!

Mom, where is the restroom, I have to pump and dump like yesterday!

Aaah much better, I needed that pump and dump.
by binydeamon January 13, 2009
Assimilation of a lot of information and forgetting it as soon as the necessity for learning it is over. Originates from filling the fuel tanks of an aircraft, taking off, and then immediately dumping the fuel prior to landing in order to (1) train using the dump valve, (2) use up the squadron's allocation of fuel so that the allocation will not be reduced the next year (especially popular at the end of the fiscal year), and (3) ensure a safe landing (most aircraft cannot safely land full of fuel).
I will have to pump and dump for the engineering exam next week, since I have a multi-d final two days later.

We have to go through 500,000 pounds of fuel in the three days before October 1. It looks like we'll be flying nothing but pump and dumps.
by Navyd September 03, 2008
A term used when you masterbate before you take a shit.
Everyone thought I was taking a shit but I was actually doing the pump and dump.
by Dirty Goat November 18, 2004
station designed only for gasoline, taking shits in the bathroom, and nothing else (not even peeing)
"Where's the nearest pump and dump, I need to poop and I'm on empty"
by Dick Sunshine August 23, 2006

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