Anal intercourse between two guys (usually frat boys) or a man and a woman (usually a frat boy and a drunk sorority girl) wherein the receiving party finds it necessary to hurriedly scuffle to the nearest bathroom to release a prodigious shit immediately following, or sometimes before, the butt-fucker ejaculates. The pump and dump results from a lack of preparadness: although the lower colon may seem vacant when probed with the finger, the impending turd is close enough to be stimulated by the thrusting action of the penis, which may or may not come into contact with said turd. In the event of a pump and dump, the pumper automatically becomes a literal turd burgler, having stimulated the release of a turd that otherwise would have emerged at a more opportune time.

A more extreme version of the pump and dump, known as the anal sexplosion involves a high velocity expulsion of the mixture of lubricant, semen and liquid feces that accumulates in the colon during anal sex when the receiving partner isn't completely empty.
"Bro, last night I finally talked my girlfriend into trying some butt sex, but damn if it wasn't a pump and dump, before I could even get off. Then she didn't wanna fuck the rest of the night cause she was so embarrassed."
"Dude! You never told me you were a turd burgler!"

"I met this frat boy online one night and he wanted me to come over and fuck him, but it was a total pump and dump. I asked him "bro u know how to be cleaned out right?" But I only pumped his butt for like two minutes before he said "Stop bro that's it i gotta crap!" Bitch looked so funny running to the bathroom I had to laugh, so then he wouldn't let me fuck him anymore."
by ucfryan October 28, 2006
Top Definition
Similar to a one night stand. One who purposely fornicates with another, while not intending to see them in the future. Like a conquest.
Chad: "Dude, I scored a hot piece of ass last night!"

Ken: "What, is she like your girlfriend now or something?"

Chad: "Naw man, it was just a pump and dump scenario. I've got a date with Buffy tonight."
by Angela Wallenbrock, MD November 02, 2007
one night stand

When a man has sexual intercourse with a woman, and then breaks up with her (if they are in a relationship) or never speaks to or makes contact with them again after the aforesaid act.
Tom:- Did you go to that party last night?

Ollie:- Yeah, I did that fit girl from Wells Hall. She was so good. She know's how to f**k.

Tom:- Did you get her number?

Ollie:- Naa, I just pumped and dumped her. What's her name again?

Tom:- You're such a man slag. You allways pump and dump
by The Master of Definitions January 23, 2006
act of shitting and jerking off at the same time
i only had five minutes alone in the bathroom so i had to pump and dump
by the filty whore November 14, 2009
To pump and dump a load in a hot hole and leave. Usually referring bareback sex (anal sex without a condom). A breed and bail
Dude, up for a pump and dump?

That would be great... have a few before work
by rawfcknpig January 16, 2010
To pump a stock that you own and dump it when the price goes up.
Stay away from QBID it is a pump and dump.
by Fred Silvia September 10, 2005
A fast, unprotected sexual meeting between two gay men, where the top "pumps" the bottom and "dumps" his ejaculate inside the receiver.
I need to get off, know anyone up for a quick pump and dump?
by LChamp December 08, 2006
Going to a gas station and pumping petrol so that you can get the keys to the bathroom to take a dump.
"Oh man, we've been on this road trip for ages! We're gonna have to pump and dump!"
by pump and dump April 05, 2015
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