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Usually in reference to a married couple, pulling the goalie means to stop the use of contraceptive devices, in the hopes of conveiving a child. Derived from the hockey term.
You guys are pregnant! I didn't even know you were pulling the goalie!
by Houman February 01, 2006
When your significant other stops using birth control in order to get pregnant.
Dude 1: Hey, when are you and Rachel going to have a kid?
Dude 2: I ain't the one with the uterus. I'm gonna let her decide when she's pulling the goalie.
by nicklby October 20, 2012
I was pulling the goalie in the living room when my mom showed up early from work and started screaming at the sight of me. I didn't know whether to finish or zip up.
by The Commadore July 22, 2008
I didn't hear my grandma come in and she caught me pulling the goalie.
by Ernest74 July 27, 2008