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Referring to when Michael Phelps was caught on camera smoking a bong; when someone acts/does something crazy or stupid
Joe: I can't believe Fred went out with that chick!

George: I know! He must've been pulling a phelps that night.
by swim4life July 31, 2009
1. To be in an incriminating photograph. 2. To be photographed doing something that may jeopardize one's career, or one's professional or personal relationships.
Ex 1: "Awesome party last night man, but I need to get those pics. I really pulled a Phelps with that two-way they were passing around"

Ex 2: "Dude, Have you seen the Facebook pics from that party? Wesley totally pulled a Phelps with Jeremy's ROOR"

Ex 3: Michael Phelps is an expert at "Pulling a Phelps", as noted in many news articles in late 2008, early 2009, where he was photographed at a party with a bong in-hand.
by Rick Ford February 16, 2009
Abruptly walking away from a group like a pure asshole without saying anything.
I'm pulling a Phelps because this chick is so fat.
by ClubTest November 07, 2011
To decimate all competition so much that the world wont be able to catch up to your absolute domination for at least 30 years.
"Dude I was totally Pulling a Phelps last night in bed, now Im the only person the ladies want to screw
by KingofThePies August 17, 2008
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