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When one uses their morning wood (erected penis) to awaken their partner in the morning by sticking their erected penis in their unsuspecting partners vagina. The partner promptly awakens and then goes along and continues engage in sexual intercourse.
Everytime there is a party at Juuso's house Mason wakes his girlfriend Crystal by "Pulling a Mason" and she loves it claiming, "It's the best way to wake up!"
by premiumwieners69 May 18, 2008
Doing something really gay in a sad attempt to look cool.
When you dry humped that basketball you were pulling a Mason.
by Mbandit August 23, 2009
dating/screwing/conversing with a guy/girl that is undeniably more attractive than yourself. or, witnessing someone date/sleep with/converse with a guy/girl that is obviously far less attractive then the other.
how did corey get adriana lima? that guys is totally pulling a mason.
by euromullet4 June 17, 2009
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