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When a player goes down with what looks like a career ending injury, only to come back and have the best game of his life
I was shooting pool with my boy when he accidentally banged his arm against the wall. It looked pretty bad but he was pulling a jordan and cleared all the balls before I had a chance to even shoot one.
by NickyLags June 25, 2010
to randomly kiss someone u just met or only knew for a 24 hour period.
i ask my friend to tag along while i meet some friends that are girls, and when we say good by he kisses one of the on the lips unexpectedly, and they were very mad, this is an example of pulling a jordan
by jbman666 November 10, 2010
The act of not following through i.e. Making plans with no intention of the completion to the said activity.
If someone where to say they were going to move to Humphreys, California with a friend, however, does not have any plans to follow through. That person is "Pulling a Jordan".
by G-Boss August 16, 2011
The act of pretending to be sick and crawling up into your bed, in the hopes of having your girlfriend crawl up there with you. So that you can have a valid excuse to have sex with her.
Billy "I feel sick, I'm going to go up into my bed because I feel like butt."
-Billy climbs into his bed
Tiffany "Stop pulling a jordan Billy, if you want to fuck then just ask me."
-Billy becomes embarrassed because he got caught acting a fool, by pulling a jordan.
by sequioahall170vato April 11, 2014
When you fail in such a massive way that it can't be measured on the normal scale of failure.
That guy tries so hard, but when it counts he's always pulling a jordan.
by TY365247 July 13, 2011