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The act of beeing concerned by one's own schedule without giving a shit about other people's time.
1. Here he goes pulling a john again, he just asked if we were ready to leave the restaurant when he was the only one done eating.

2. The dumb ass pulled a john again, he called a meeting at 6 a.m. because he wanted to leave early that day.
#selfish bastard #time slut #time greedy #control freak #ass
by Davetheman August 30, 2006
When you change the subject
Girl: Why did you flake on me?
Guy: So how bout those Patriots?

He was pulling a John
#jon #john #ryan #john ryan #shizzle #strap #nigga #pussy #dick #ass #yo #momma #bytch #yero #one #one love
by JayD February 08, 2008
To be an stupid annoying dumb ass, that complains to your friends about you and expects them not to tell you.
- A person that only talks about weed and seriously has the IQ of a goldfish because of how retarded they are
-used to describe someone who stalks you all the time, but is extremely butt ugly and no one loves them
John: hehehehehe i'm so high right now, i only like skinny pretty girls that are awesome and play call of duty

Joe: dude lets go get high

Friend:don't pull a john dude

pulling a john makes you a fag
#stupid #pulling #a #john #fag
by kissinthemuffin November 03, 2010
When a guy is dating a girl and decides, after verdantly pursuing her for weeks, that he is no longer interested. Instead of being upfront and honest, he disappears without explanation. This makes interactions with the girl extremely awkward when they don't need to be. When the girl tries to find out what's going on by sending a thoughtful and honest text or email, the guy ignores this, making the girl feel rejected, hurt, and confused.

The reasons for abandoning the relationship are typically psychological in origin (i.e. mommy/daddy issues, fear of commitment/intimacy, etc).
"How are things going with Dan? You guys seem way into each other!" "Oh, I haven't heard from him in over a week. He dropped off the face of the earth. I guess he's pulling a John."
#relationships #dating #guys #girls #emotions
by Sue Grillz & Sparkplug December 14, 2012
It is when you walk up to a electronic device with complete confidence although you have no idea what you are doing, and you mess everything thing up.
One is Pulling a John when one grabs a remote control and set the TV to scan channels when he wanted to change the volume.

Or when your wait an hour for something to buffer then once it does, you fast forward it till it buffers again.
#fuck up #fail #ruin #epic fail #blunder #screw the pooch
by Dracolord1208 October 02, 2011
When you fuck a girl before you leave her
Did you brake up with your girlfriend bro?
Yeah but i was pulling a john before i did it.
#fuck #girl #leave #her #sex
by Derp93 August 21, 2011
when something more important is eminent, you instead ignore all responsibility. also, leaving your trash all over the place and acting like a total slob.
John had a test, but instead of studying he was pulling a john and playing pokemon and leaving his take-out food all over the couch.
#slob #john #pulling #asshole #fuck
by screamingreen18 March 14, 2008
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