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When you are caught having an extramarital affair.

When you wife destroys your property in anger after catching you having an extramarital affair.
My wife pulled a tiger and smashed the windows in my car.

Dude, I pulled a tiger, my wife busted me texting another women.
by JohnDaley December 02, 2009
Running away from a potential violent situation.
I was yelling at my husband to come back and he pulled a Tiger.
by Mongo99 December 01, 2009
Cheating on your attractive wife/girlfriend with a significantly less hot woman.
He was dating the Homecoming Queen but he pulled a tiger

(woods) when he hooked up with that fat cheerleader.
by Mr. Dirty Dirty 12 December 02, 2009
To get caught cheating on your wife while having multiple affairs, then going to inpatient sex treatment to have them 'fix' you in hopes of repairing your marriage.
Yo did you hear what jeremy did after his wife found out he was gettin his swerve on???? That dude pulled a tiger and checked himself into rehab!! wifey back to lovin' him more than ever....
by jah jah binx February 19, 2010
to sleep around with multiple people simultaneously while having an attractive partner, who finds out about all said affairs at the same time and explodes in a rage


you been slammin wholatta hos on the sly and your hot-ass beotch wiggs
he sorry as hell he pulled a tiger!
by GAHCK December 03, 2009

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