when playing guitar, playing a certain fret, then on the same string, sliding down the neck (lower # fret) to play a different note without plucking/picking the string again.
the next measure is several pull-offs from 3 to 1 on the low e string
by Anarchy is Order March 22, 2004
Top Definition
To get away with something
"I can't believe we pulled off that prank"
"Only he could pull off wearing a shirt like that to school"
by JLB237 July 10, 2008
Insult, with basically the same meaning as Wanker. Although also usable for someone displaying stupidity (them having the same intelect as a pile of wank)
you are a Pulloff.

you Pulloff.
by T.Flash February 13, 2008
1) (sex): to wanka man so that he ejaculates (alternatives: jerk off, jack off)
2) (soccer): to substitute a player, i.e remove him from the game.
Warning: Be very careful not to confuse the two. (See example.)
The new teenage arrival at Man United was discussing terms with his agent, and was impressed. Agent: Look lad, you'll only earn about 30 grand the first year. Kid: 30 grand? brilliant! At Rochdale, I only got a couple of quid a week! Agent: And they'll be starting you off with just a basic Mercedes. Kid: Mercedes? Brilliant! At Rochdale, I had to get the bus! Agent: And you'll have to accept last pick of the groupies. Kid: Groupies? Brilliant! At Rochdale, I had to sleep with my sister! Agent: Oh, and for the first few games, Sir Alex may want to pull you off at half time. Kid: Pull me off? Fantastic! At Rochdale, we only got a slice of orange and a cup of tea! ......
by kofi May 14, 2003
To not meet your destination. -Bill Roy
"We were in direct pursuit of these two crooks and pulled off because their guns were bigger." -Pulloff
by Pull off March 03, 2015
1. when buying drugs in the hood and you hit the gas to leave
1.yo 5.0 pull off pull off
by dom November 15, 2004
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