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1.)To do something everyone doubted you'd ever be able to do (e.g. win an Oscar after multiple decades of failed attempts.)

2.)To give a handjob to anyone born from July 22nd - August 22nd
"I'd take my gilfriend to the party, but knowing her she'd probably pull a leo"

"You're right, she is pretty unpredictable"
by d.labe19 May 17, 2016
To pull a leo is the act of smoking marajuana or any other herb on a motorized vehicle, discretely.
Leo: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck josh we just pulled a leo!

Josh: Fuck you.

Leo: Yo, lets pull a leo today.

josh: Fuck you.
#marijuana #mary jane #weed #josh #leo #motorized #vehicle #police #joint #blunt #vaporizer
by wheretheweedat? April 17, 2011
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