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Pulling a Leo is when you are talking to someone on an insant messenger and they give you their life story.
Person 1: Hey

Person 2: Hey, sup?

Person 1: Oh nothing, I just was like at this grocery store and I got like heaps of stuff and then I came home and played some video games, guitar hero 3 and final fantasy 12 to be specific. Then I went on here, you know, pushed the power button on the computer, turned on the monitor and then like logged in... And like long story short I'm on the computer right now and I'm sitting down on a chair, breathing, blinking, moving slightly every few seconds and typing.

Person 2: Pulling a Leo eh?
#leo #computer #blinking #life #story
by Yomamsmsda March 22, 2008
Ambersex is when a woman uses a guitar hero controller for sexual purposes.
Person 1: Dude, did you just see that chick have Ambersex!

Person 2: Ambersex rules!!
#amber #sex #fingering #guitar hero #guitar
by Yomamsmsda March 23, 2008
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