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Using an obscenity at an inappropriate time. Generally makes one look classless and lacking in proper etiquette.
Setting: The 83rd Annual Academy Awards

Melissa Leo, upon receiving the Oscar: "When I watched Kate
two years ago it looked so f***ing easy!"

James Franco/Anne Hathaway: Thank you Melissa for Pulling a Leo. Just one more thing to make this night a disaster.
by medicalert February 28, 2011
An exclamation made when Facebook fails to load correctly or introduces new and unnecessary additions to the News Feed.
After logging onto Facebook, John expected to see his friend's status updates. Instead, his News Feed was clogged with answered questions from the new "questions" app.

"What the Zuck?!?" John screamed. He then proceeded to throw his computer out the window.
by medicalert April 27, 2011
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