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to pretend to have an impressive amount of sexual experience, when in fact..
Girl: Hey Mike, don't worry about it, i know that you're a virgin.
Mike: What are you talking about. I've hooked up with so many girls. And they were all hot too. Whatever.
Girl: Oh please Mike, don't pull a corey.
by helzz May 04, 2008
The action of removing one's own Facebook wall post when this one happens to be embarrassing.
Someone: Go see what i wrote on Mike's facebook wall! It's so funny
You: Yo I can't see it...
Someone: UGH I was sure he would pull a corey
by Marmz May 01, 2008
To throw a barbecue to invite people you wish were your friends, and to then charge them money to attend the barbecue, that they did not wish to attend in the first place.

Chris Taylor: Yo Mike! I'm throwing a barbecue tonight. You should come theres going to be so many chicks that i've all hooked up with and plenty of beer man!
Mike: uh... but i dont even know you..
CT: Bro! you gotta come its going to be baller! I'll put you on the guestlist!
Mike: alright fine.
CT: Alright!! Just bring yourself, your goodlooks, and 15 bucks.
Mike: WHAATT??! don't pull a corey!
by Mike Huntz June 17, 2008
1. to purposely reveal sensitive information at grossly inappropriate times.
*sumayyah and denzel are lapped up in the pool*
corey: (to denzel) sup wit u and alasha?
denzel: (trying not to get caught) i havent talked to her recently
corey: yes you have. you showed me a text today.
*sumayyah then moves away from denzel*
denzel: (to corey) bitch dont ever pull a corey on me again.
by b1gwi11 July 10, 2008
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