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Mother's cunt
Pukimak kau !!!
by Soushi November 06, 2003
117 33
An offensive word used in Malaysia. It means 'mother's cunt'. Often directed to another person (pukimak kau!), and sometimes used as a general expression of anger (pukimak!!!!). Almost similar in usage to the word 'fuck' in English. Though not literally similar.
While jogging, Abu's ass got bitten by a dog. He screamed, "pukimak!!!!!"
by zeroshit October 25, 2007
88 21
your mother's cunt
Pukimak! what do you think you're doing?
by ysl October 16, 2003
59 30
to express wonderment at an abnormal situation.
"Pukimak! I thought these stairs only went down, not up!"
by M Ishak May 26, 2003
29 27