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kimak means motherfucker in local sarawak malaysia slang...
kau ya nang kimak! (you are motherfucker aint u)
by deeznutz_o2 August 12, 2007
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In local Sarawak Malay language, kimak origins from the phrase "puki mak" which means mother's vagina. However, "kimak" has been widely use as "motherfucker", laki has been explaimed by dezznuts_o2.
The usage of "kimak" is more as an adjective rather than a noun.
Kau ya nang kimak!
by lala_yes January 15, 2011
cursing word in Malay language, so popular among Malaysians. your mother's vagina, derived from puki mak. puki = vagina, mak = mother
Kimak, stop driving like a douche! or Your attitude is like kimak
by HolyShiett December 04, 2013
Work hard boys :D
Time to wake up and do better, kimak!!!
by Elgin the man October 22, 2010

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