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Can be used to define a number of things. Usally when you are drinking get all fucked up, vomit, and begin to drik again. However it can be used to describe any event that made you puke and you then resumed with even more gusto than before
I was soo drunk then I made a puke and rally and got even more wasted.
by Ali T April 21, 2003
Drinking heavily until one drink throws you over - puke and rally and you're back in the game. Drinking as if the night is young. Cheers.
Fock, that shot make me puke and rally!
You ok?
Yeah, good to go, now where's my beer!?
by holidaybaby June 30, 2004
Verb: Vomiting (voluntarily or not) in order to continue or begin partying

Noun: The easiest transition from heavy day drinking into heavy night drinking
Person A: Let's party!!
Person B: I'm so tired, those irish car bombs at lunch knocked me out...
Person A: You need to puke and rally!

Person A: Man, I'm not feeling too well...
Person B: I just invited the volleyball team over to jacuzzi and get wasted. Puke and rally!
by B.Wayne June 22, 2010
Perserverance in the face of gastro-intestingal rejection.
"She's coming over here to talk to you. Your drunk ass better puke and rally pronto!"
by jimbo December 31, 2003
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