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an amazing and nearly overlooked hip hop group.

lyrics include: "responsibility is something i can't deny, illegalities are a narcissists reply" and such. if you haven't listened to them it's never too late
a tribe called quest is on another level.
by bpmbrent April 24, 2009
made popular by Black Rob in his song "Whoa". when something is "like whoa" it means it's awe inspiring or extreme.
did you see that girl's ass? that shit was like whoa.
i dropped that fool like whoa.
by bpmbrent February 19, 2009
when you continue drinking after you puke.
dude, i just heaved. get me another beer, PUKING RALLY!!
by bpmbrent February 14, 2009
the keeper's right hand man. a position in football (soccer) whose main goal is to to protect his/her keeper. also known as the master of the slide tackle.
that fast break could have been a disaster if not for the sweeper
by bpmbrent June 27, 2010
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