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When someone is being a pussy or it's to describe the female sex organ.
Quit being a puh and man up and talk to that cute girl"


Did you get some puh tonight?"

In reference to getting laid.
by DieselKnows January 03, 2011
a term used to describe a viciously ugly woman, or the lowest degree that a woman can be charted.
Frick: "What do you think of my new girlfriend?"

Caleb: "PUH!"
by Frick Magic April 27, 2006
when you dont really care about something someone says and have nothing else to say
amy: i bought a new top
lucy: puh
by Lucy February 24, 2005
Used by the youtuber "DashieXP" to express the word "pussy"
"Hey gurl, can I get the puh?
by Poroject May 19, 2016
The sound one makes when spitting out of disgust....especially used on AIM if truly disgusted

"You bought a salad from Wendy's? I am disgusted. Puh....I spit on you
by Michael Paolillo October 04, 2005
A versatile word that can be used to replace any and all swear/curse words in a given phrase or sentence.
What the puh are you doing? The puh is that? Shut up, you puh. I see you driving 'round town with the girl I love, and I'm like "puh you!"
by xXANATOMYXx June 02, 2011
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