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The act of joining PUG's (Pick-Up-Groups) in online games.
-"You running some games with your guild later?"
-"Nah, they're all offline so I'll be pugging for a while."
by Chronomaly August 03, 2011
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The act of snoring while awake
The man had a hard time breathing so he started pugging
by xc.f. gnome by ssh g March 27, 2015
Pugging: An act whereby the perpetrator walks/trots up behind the victim and shadows them while making the noises to resemble a pug dog breath. Not to be confused with either the common use of the word creeping nor the concept of "shadowing" someone. Designed to make the victim feel both confused and awkward.
eg Hombre 1 : Hey bro, lets pug that person in front of us

Hombre 2 : Yeh great idea!

Both :( begin Pugging) - "Pug breathing noises close behind the victim until they notice, or run away"
by broski69ing September 19, 2013
dogging for ugly people
Last week, I saw your mother-in-law pugging
by Simon Mendes May 18, 2007
an act between a female and male or two males. the insertsion of the nose into the anus whilst licking the ball bag with the tongue at the same time. the facial expression produced is not disimilar to a pug. pugging - to pug or "ive been pugged"
lets go pugging, i pugged a girl lst night, last night i got pugged
by andy simon October 24, 2007
Pooh tugging. Masturbating while taking a dump.
Some of the boys on chit chat enjoy a good pugging. Others believe it is a sign of homosexual activity.
by el duderino80 March 15, 2007
Taking a dump on someones hood
Jane was caught pugging on his friends car.
by SaTaN August 10, 2003

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