puffy nipples, as in nipples where the whole areola is 'puffy'. similar in construction to the words 'gunt' and 'kankles'
she had nice puffles.
by john m. November 10, 2003
Top Definition
a puffle is a small furry creature that penguins in club penguin keep as pets.
Hey look, I got a new puffle named Phil
by McHobbes July 20, 2006
Pets that you can buy in Club Penguin. There are 7 different colors. Red and Blue are available to all players, but the Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple, and Black Puffles are for members only.
Penguin 1: Did you remember to feed your puffles?
Penguin 2: No. I'll be right back!
by Bluekingice March 17, 2008
v: to attempt to shuffle cards, but instead drop or spill the cards
It's your turn to deal. Shuffle or Puffle.
by nedshero June 19, 2013
the small bushel of hair between two eyebrows, but not fully connecting the two, resulting in a small independant eyebrow.
"did you see josh hartnett in that movie?"
"yea, his puffle was very prominent"
by isajesro December 29, 2007
Puffle- A woman's vagina.

Love Chloe xxxxxxx
You're puffle is wet.
How is your puffle today?
by I'MFAB February 08, 2014
Large or otherwise swollen (or puffy) nipples that appear almost comically convex compared to the rest of the human breast. Not to be confused with a large areola or "torpedo tits."

Disambiguation: not to be confused with "a small furry creature that penguins in club penguin keep as pets."
She's got puffles.
by smart water March 26, 2014
A person who receives enjoyment from having penises in their vagina or anal cannal
"You had sex last night? Wow, you are such a puffle."
by armzy14 July 03, 2009
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