When you screw someone so god damn hard that your balls swell to the size of watermellons
Woman 1.After i put the kids to bed last night, i screwed john so hard that he had puffballs!

Woman 2.Nice work!!!
by Kim Miller June 26, 2007
Top Definition
The lovable pink Nintendo character, that goes by the name of Kirby.
When Kirby sucks up air, he turns into a puffball
by Yester May 11, 2006
a sphere made of massive amounts of tissue paper, that is methodically made into flower like shapes. They are all then put together by a "Kippy" a beautiful, voluptuous mythological creature of the forest of great crafting skills. "Kippies"prefer a life of peace and solitude but are often attracted to small gnomes that live throughout the forest, leaving them exhausted and therefore limiting their puffball making abilities.
A Kippy made her 1,972nd "puff ball" and let them float heavenly over the gymnasium making a beautiful resting place for all her gnomes. And then she went ni ni cause she was ti ti.
by suckmylemons March 31, 2010
Puffball is a generic non-newbie online user, in a social or bvehavioral context. The word was coined in the early nineties in the Backstage host (moderator) conference (forum) on the WELL, to refer to anyone who was a real handful for a host to deal with or "moderate," including other hosts or oldtimers.

(The term evokes the name of a wild mushroom, the idea of an enlarged ego, and the concept of being ballsy, but it is a pure coinage and not a derivation.
It's semi-affectionate.)
Usage: "If puffball goes off on a rant in the middle of the one-word-sentence game, how do I get him to take that energy someplace where we can respond to it, so the other users aren't all yelling at me to make him conform to the game?"
by gail February 17, 2004
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